Up to 30% in rebates on weekly commissions w/ GoFleet!

Our all-new GoFleet rebates allow you to save more with less hassle – no matter your tier on GoalBetter! So whether you’re on the Classic, Premium, Pro, or Elite tiers, you will earn an additional 8% rebate on your weekly Gojek service fees.

What’s in it for me?

  • +8% on top of your loyalty rebates
  • Immediate upgrade from Classic to Premium tier on GoalBetter
  • Up to 10% in weekly fuel rebates from Gojek

How does it work?

To qualify for an additional 8% on top of your weekly loyalty rebates on Gojek service fees, complete the following trip targets and maintain a minimum weekly performance average of 80%:

On top of this, driver-partners under GoalBetter also get weekly rebates when fueling up with Esso:

In total, you can earn up up to 30% in rebates on your weekly Gojek fees, and up to 10% in rebates on fuel!

That sounds good! How do I sign up?

  1. Are already renting with GoFleet
    Opt in for rebates here.
  2. Want to rent with GoFleet
    Sign up to rent with GoFleet here.
  3. Are not a driver-partner with Gojek yet
    Sign up to drive with us here.

Tip: Remember to register with GoalBetter for driver-partner benefits here!


Mr Lim rents a car with GoFleet and is an Elite tier member of GoalBetter.

Last week, he completed 135 trips, with an average of 85% in performance.

Mr Lim earns $1,620 in gross fares.

Mr Lim’s earnings: $1,620

Service fees: 20% x $1,620 = $324

With GoalBetter’s Elite tier, Mr Lim will receive a rebate of 22% on the service fees, along with an 8% from renting with GoFleet. In total, he will receive 30% in rebates on the service fees.

30% x $324 = $97.20

Mr Lim will thus receive $97.20 in rebates.


Are all Gojek driver-partners eligible for additional rebates with GoFleet?

Yes! All you need to do is sign up to rent from any GoFleet partner. Then, hit the minimum trip and performance requirements as stated above.

Are these rebates subject to further fees?

Not at all. You’ll get the full amount credited to your Earnings Wallet every Tuesday, along with your other incentives.

How do I opt in for fuel rebates with GoalBetter?

GoFleet driver-partners already enrolled in GoalBetter and have a Gojek’s Esso Fuel Card are automatically entitled to fuel rebates with Esso.